Architects: Data Wiring Notes


When architects draw up plans for a renovation or new space, it is very important to include meaningful and sufficiently detailed notes on the data/telco drawings before those drawings go to a contractor for bid. Below please find sample notes for a standard small office or high-end residential project.

Voice & Data
1. All voice and data wiring must be terminated in a patch panel in the low-voltage wiring closet; all wiring must be home runs from the patch panel directly to the jack.
2. Panel must be installed in a 19in rack or rack frame with at least 4U available for phone and data use. Rack must be located such that adaquate space is available for phone and data equipment installation and that access to power outlets is not obstructed.
3. All jacks must be clearly labeled in a neat and professional manner. Port numbers on patch panel and in test results must all match.
4 website link. All wiring must meet or exceed Category 6 specifications and printed test results must be provided at close of job.
5. All wallplates are to architect’s spec.

6. At least 2 dedicated 20AMP circuits must be provided in the low-voltage wiring closet; one for use by alarm and telephone equipment and one for use by data and networking equipment. Each circuit must be terminated in quad electrical outlets clearly labeled with the circuit number.

7. Server closet must have sufficient ventilation and air handling for anticipated future equipment.