We Like to Show Up Fashionably Late

Maybe we don’t like to add to the burdens of the postal service at the end of December. Maybe we want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe we just didn’t get all our shopping done on time. But honestly, we have a really good reason… Down here in Chinatown, the celebrations are just beginning!

The new moon on January 22 is the start of the Chinese New Year – the year of the Monkey, which (for those of us who are not creationists) means the year of You and Me. Celebrations continue for 15 days until the Lantern Festival on the first full moon of the new year.

Traditionally, during those two weeks, people visit friends and relatives, and welcome each other into their homes. In that spirit, we invite you to visit our new, expanded home on the web:


UPDATE in 2008: Please note that these site sections are no longer updated.

We’re not secretive, we just don’t like to boast. But sometimes we do want to let you know what’s new and exciting at Macktez. Like welcoming our newest clients. Or introducing our new staff members. Or letting you know about Josh, who heads our new office in San Francisco. Now it’s all at macktez.com/news.


We spend a lot of time sharing, studying, and debating new developments in the technology world. You might be interested in what we’ve got on the table, and you might have a comment to add yourself. Feel free to join the discussion, at macktez.com/recommendations.


Admittedly, even we can’t always keep straight all the numbers and names that fuel our digital lives. For years we’ve been storing info in all sorts of places, but now our repository is central, and public. You might find it as useful as we do. And you will find it at macktez.com/help.

We hope to see you soon in person, as well as on line. Have a very happy new year.