Happy New Year … in February?

The Year of the Rooster begins with the new moon on February 9, and we’re using the occasion to crow about a few new additions to the Macktez team:

We’ve added three new technicians during the past year — Corin, Jason, and Jay — making Macktez the largest we’ve ever been. The only thing keeping them from elbowing each other in the eye for deskspace is the way they’re always on the go. In fact, you probably see our new hires more often than we do. (We’re generous that way.)

Our bulked-up staff list allows us to add a service for our clients that we’ve been thinking about for years …

Support Centre
We pride ourselves on personal relationships with our clients, but when the consultant or technician you work with most is busy applying that same personal touch for another client, well, you can become a little jealous, and lose valuable time.

That’s why we are opening up our Support Centre every weekday afternoon for emergencies. The Macktez technicians you already know will take turns answering the phone, IM, or email without leaving their seat at Centre Street. They’ll be ready with all sorts of tools to help you get a fix for what ails you. And if they can’t help you right away, they’ll help make sure that you get a visit as soon as possible.

Answering on weekdays from 2 to 6 will be Joe, Josh, Jay, Jason, or Corin (who’s obviously been getting a lot of pressure to change his name to Jorin). Call 646-274-0933, AIM macktezsupport, e-mail support@macktez.com, or visit macktez.com/support.