Congratulations to Andrew Sloat for A More Perfect Union

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Sloat’s A More Perfect Union is the recipient of the Macktez 2007 Summer Stipend.

Check out the great applications from our six finalists.

In Andrew’s words:

“A short video I’ve been working on for a number of months needs a score. I brought together about 40 people, dressed them in teeshirts each printed with one letter on the front and one on the back, and choreographed their movement to spell out the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. This is the latest, and largest, in a series of similar videos that I’ve been working on for a last few years. I borrowed a school gymnasium, rented lighting equipment, and hired a cinematographer. A film editor volunteered to cut it for free. The only missing piece is the music, and I’d like to commission something original, so I don’t have to worry about legal problems that might come up if I use something already written. I’m thinking banjo or acoustic guitar. I have a couple composers in mind.”

Excerpts from our illustrious panelists’ comments about the project:

“A simple but solid concept, with a relevant message done in a charming and entertaining way. All it needs is the perfect score!”

“What better way to communicate the basic principles of our country and its ideals. The use of film, different vantage points, choreography, and effective and meaningful casting make this a memorable and though-provoking submission.”

“The winner for continuity and congruity of concept, form and execution…. a simple device reinforcing an essential and timely message forgotten (or never learned) by most. The intentionally unstyled type coupled with the most rudimentary mechanical delivery system focus precisely and effectively…. Their request for help with a soundtrack is worthy and essential.”

“The idea is very simple and clear, and the end result could have much impact…. I think the idea of a re-examination of the Constitution is very constructive.”

“That’s what we need: feel good patriotism clomid tablets 50mg. Right up there with “School House Rock.” I look forward to seeing what the chosen soundtrack is. Nice use of the front and back of the shirts.”

A hearty congratulations to Andrew!