Black Friday

Last year, you woke up the day after Thanksgiving well before dawn. You took a pill from the Macktez Holiday Support Package, knocked back a couple shots of coffee, and dragged yourself to Herald Square for the 6am Black Friday door busters sale at Macy*s. And then, when you got home later that day, you realized you bought too much of all the wrong things.

We’re going to solve both those problems this year.

Step One

Make a list.
– Start early. Today is good.
– Write down your loved ones and brainstorm ideas.
– Keep the book on hand to capture inspiration.
– Review each time you shop.

Step Two

Sleep in on Black Friday and buy nothing.
– Make a gesture against rampant consumerism.
– Take a stand against sleep deprivation.
– Resist the urge to hop online and shop.
– Keep it simple and rely on your little yellow book. (Pencil not included.)

Buy Nothing Day

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because more shoppers are out dropping plastic than any other day of the year. Buy Nothing Day (If you still subscribe to Adbusters, you know what we mean), is a protest alternative to the vast consumerist spirit that grips the country soon after the turkey carcass is carved up for leftovers. The core idea is simple: On Black Friday (Or Saturday, if you’re outside of the US), instead of crowding department store aisles, spending yourself into a fiscal stupor, and buying into the commercialism of the holiday season, simply pause and buy nothing.