Is It Year of the Rat Already?

Seems like just yesterday we were settling into a raw loft space on Canal Street, our front door hidden by kiosks of knock-off bags and watches. Since then we’ve come full circle: from Chinatown to midtown and back to Grand Street; from the stripped-down PowerBook Duo, to the super-sized MacBook Pro, and back to the impossibly thin MacBook Air.

We’ve also celebrated a full cycle of the Chinese zodiac. This new year puts us right back where we started, at the top of the chart: if it’s Year of the Rat again, then it must be our twelve-year anniversary.

The Rat Takes the Cheese

Since we’ve spent much of that time in Chinatown we (ahem) know something about rats, and we’re not so eager to carry its NYC reputation around with us. Luckily, Chinese tradition has a different take; they admire the Rat for its intelligence, charm, and organization … three traits we like to think describe our Team quite well.

With that settled, we’re ready to celebrate our anniversary.

Celebrate with us!

There should be enough fireworks going off outside, so we’re going to keep this party simple: just spirits and cheese. You can even party with us right at the comfort of your own desk. (We brought the cheese, you bring the spirit.)

Looking Back

One thing to celebrate: old friends. A lot has changed in our industry since the last Year of the Rat. Back then, our Macs were running System 7, we carried pagers, and being a dot-com was cutting edge. But a few clients from that first year are still with us today, like Pembrooke & Ives, Q Prime, and 2×4.

Looking Forward

Another thing to celebrate: new faces. We’ve grown our Team carefully in the past twelve years with a hiring process that favors wise choices over quick ones. More than once we’ve talked for two years or more with a potential colleague before deciding they would be a good fit for both us and our clients buy clomid tablets.

With that in mind, we’re happy to introduce our two newest Team Members. Erik Kraft, the third of us to have lived in Rhode Island, writes and illustrates children’s books. (We’ve already added story time to our team meetings.) And Erin Sparling, described by two of his references as a human Swiss Army knife, joins us in a new role, bringing solid automation, development, and programming skills. And in an emergency, he may also be able to help you with that cork.