The Macktez Stimulus Package

For months, the government has been trying to pull the economy back into the black with bailouts, loan guarantees, managed mergers, and tax credits. And this month a new President and Congress start a new round of recovery programs.

Step 1But didn’t someone just tell us that we are the change we’ve been waiting for? So … how can we help?

One dollar might not seem like much, but there are lots of creative ways to make a clean, crisp bill worth more than its face value.

Step 2Just make sure you don’t save the dollar for yourself — that would totally defeat the purpose. For a microbailout to work, you need to get that cash into your local economy, and fast.

Use it the next time you eat out. And if you can’t actually buy a meal with what you’ve made, you can leave it on the bar as a tip.

Origami Resource Center

You can find about 100 diagrams for dollar bill origami at the Origami Resource Center (and this additional page). At the same site, there are some good close-up photos of several models. Also, they have links to about 20 short videos of models being folded, including this one of an iPod/iPhone stand:

More on YouTube

This video has no instructions, but some pretty stunning images of very complicated dollar bill models.

The Orikane channel has some good instructional videos. They also have an official website, but they make you sign up for email just to get the YouTube link above.

More Diagrams

This site has several good diagrams for dollar bills (as well as some traditional ones for square paper).

This site has several nice objects pictured, but only a few full diagrams. There’s one great beginner’s diagram: a simple, but useful, chopstick wrapper.

Finally, for people who don’t like getting things free on the internet, you can buy a book.