How to Celebrate a Good-for-You Holiday

Holidays, in our opinion, should involve one or more of the following: gifts, candy, fireworks, parades, roast beasts, or Twilight Zone marathons.

Recycle Tyvek® envelopes
Turn any Tyvek envelope inside out, so the unprinted white surface shows on the outside. Stuff the inside-out Tyvek envelope with other used Tyvek envelopes for recycling. Address and mail the envelope to:

Tyvek® Recycle
Attn. Shirley B. Wright
8401 Fort Darling Road
Richmond, VA 23237

For more than 25 envelopes per month, call Shirley at 1-866-33-Tyvek.

But every once in a while a new holiday pushes its way into the national consciousness that’s more about education than celebration. Suddenly the President starts issuing proclamations. Think Arbor Day: school isn’t closed, you don’t have to send a card to your mother-in-law, but there it is on your calendar, year after year.

This year, the new holiday we’re celebrating is America Recycles Day, November 15. And we’re not just talking paper and plastics: e-waste is the junk we’re looking for.

Sign up now for an e-waste pickup.

Old computers, monitors, VCRs, keyboards and other things really should not end up in landfills. Why not? Because what’s inside may be toxic: there are lots of heavy metals used — lead, mercury, copper — that, if tossed into landfill, make their way into the water runoff and cause health problems for neighboring communities.

Your e-waste is not made of just one material. E-waste needs to be disassembled before being properly recycled. But since we don’t throw electronics out every day, when we do dispose, it’s hard to find anyone who will cart it away responsibly. We’ve been struggling for years to recommend a solution to our clients.

Enter the 4th Bin, the first company in NYC that will make scheduled pick-ups of e-waste from residents and small businesses. Just in time, too, because new legislation in New York State starts imposing stiff regulations on e-waste disposal next year. By 2015 it will be explicitly illegal for you to toss used electronics into the regular trash.

(We also like the 4th Bin because 212 Associates, one of our very first clients, won the design competition for their cool socket-and-arrows logo.)

On November 15, the 4th Bin will pick up whatever you can fit in one large box for only $100. Or, if you’ve got even more stuff, they’ll give you a 20% discount when you arrange a pick-up through us. UPDATE: 4th Bin has graciously offered to extend this offer indefinitely!

Just fill out the form to sign up for an e-waste pick-up and celebrate America Recycles Day.

Schedule a pick-up from the 4th Bin

Here’s the deal: the 4th Bin is offering Macktez clients and friends a Recycles Day holiday discount. Whatever you can fit into one large box — 18 x 18 x 24 inches (4.5 cubic feet) — 4th Bin will pick up for a flat $100. If you have more, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Please fill in the form below by Thursday, November 11. Arrangements will be made with 4th Bin by Friday, November 12 for a pickup on Monday, November 15. UPDATE: 4th Bin has graciously offered to extend this offer. Take advantage while you can!

If you have any questions, please contact Noah at Macktez.