Tiger Love (no, not that Tiger)

Tiger Love Poem

Happy New Valentine’s Year!

Year of the Tiger opens on the new moon of St. Valentine’s Day, and we’re finding it hard not to draw inspiration from that happenstance. But to what end?

Should Cupid forsake arrows for firecrackers? Might red roses replace red envelopes? Or can we find a brand new tradition born from this marriage of east and west — a tender massage with the red tiger’s heat.

Step 1You can’t swing a cat in our neighborhood without hitting a foot massage parlor. This time of year, we often see couples treating themselves to a Valentine’s Day rub.

– For a back ache, apply the balm along your insoles (A).
– For a pain in the butt, heat up the bottom of your heels (B).
– And for heartache, target the spot under the ball of your left foot (C).

Step 2The simplest technique for working a spot on your foot is to press from both sides and knead deeply with your thumb. 

If Cupid’s arrow has penetrated especially deep, the balm may be applied in a special pattern.

To finish off, how about a nice, romantic dinner of dim sum and Dom Pérignon?