Welcome to MoYO

Long known only to connoisseurs of narrow-spectrum trivial objects, this remarkable private collection has, at last, been polished and coiffed for its public debut.

Occasional release over the years of particular collectibles to a select mailing list teased critics to distraction and invited the envy of monochromatic artists the world over.

Now the Macktez Museum of Yellow Objects has prepared a full-catalog online exhibit. A new yellow object will be released each day at moyo.macktez.com. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for daily updates.

Yellow BootYellow BootYellow Boot

We’re also offering a thrilling opportunity for one lucky individual to step out into the yellow art scene by suggesting the next MoYO acquisition.

Apply for our $500 Summer Stipend.

The Macktez Summer Stipend is a $500 development grant to encourage one of the many imaginative people we meet and work with every day to finish their summer project. We would prefer a project already underway that $500 would push across the finish line. Applications are evaluated on three simple criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction.

Your summer project will be judged alongside your suggested MoYO acquisition, but the money you could receive is strictly for your personal project.

The winning object will be selected by our panel of noteworthy curators: Alice Chung, David Gibson, Albert Lee, Roy Levitt, Eddie Opara, Enoch Palmer, Jesse Seppi, and Georgie Stout. If they think your taste is refined enough to augment our collection, you’ll receive our $500 stipend to finish your own summer project.

Deadline is July 23.