Some New Tools for Summer

The wheel and the bread slice are still the gold standards for inventions and tools. No matter how sleek and shiny is that new thingamabob in your pocket, handy notebooks and versatile trays simply cannot be replaced.

Macktez has a number of useful tools our Consultants rely on every day, including paper products we’ve designed ourselves. Our project this summer is to reprint those products to a stricter standard and document their utility on our updated website.

We’ve also got a new addition to our toolkit: the amazing gridded memo notebook!

But what tools are we missing? If you can help us with our summer project, we’d like to help you with yours. Apply for the Macktez Summer Stipend by July 22.

Summer Stipend

The Macktez Summer Stipend is a $500 development grant to encourage one of the many people we meet and work with every day to finish their summer project. We evaluate applications on three simple criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction.

This year’s fabulous panelists are: Dan Berger, Brian Sisco, Alan Polinsky, Josh Heitler, Ken Carbone, Sarah Gephart, and David Meredith. Apply below by July 22.

Macktez Tools

Learn more about the tools we use.

Here’s the thing: tools and technology are not digital bits that fly through the ether, they are objects you hold in your hands and use. It’s always been like that, since the first time a little stone became a flint. And, as precious as your smartphone may be to you today, it’s still not the only tool you use. There are pencils and post-its, irreplaceable and awesome. That’s technology too.

Macktez has a well-defined set of objects we stock in our office and use all the time: shock-proof cases for secure transport of hard drives; simple nylon bags for miscellaneous toting; lunch trays for arranging and organizing in-house repair projects.

We’ve also made our own tools that we and our clients use all the time: small notebooks you can keep in your pocket; large pads with gridlines, good for sketching network layouts; post-its with the same useful grid; even business cards that double as equipment labels. (We build databases, too; but honestly, there’s no substitute for a good post-it.)

This summer, we’d like your help to expand our toolkit: what useful item should we add to our utility closet? Your suggestion will be judged alongside your own summer project description. If our esteemed panelists choose your application, you’ll receive the $500 Macktez Summer Stipend to finish your project.

Apply right now — deadline July 22.

Summer Stipend Application

The 2011 Summer Stipend application is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. Finalists will be announced at on July 27, 2011.

Ownership: By submitting material you affirm that you are the sole owner of all materials submitted for the Macktez Summer Stipend including but not limited to text, drawings, diagrams, photographs and video.
Permissions: You hereby grant permission for publication of the submitted material for potential use in press releases, presentations, exhibits, history books and similar publications; as well as for public access for student and educational purposes in all media including the Internet.