Congratulations to Sarah Nelson Wright

The Newtown Creek Armada is a public art project that allows visitors to safely explore this Superfund site and engage with its rich history.

From <a href="http://macktez clomid tablets buy″ title=”Sarah Nelson Wright”>Sarah’s Summer Stipend application:

    The Newtown Creek Armada is an interactive installation in which a model boat pond will be created on the Newtown Creek, one of America’s most polluted waterways. Visitors will be invited to pilot a fleet of handcrafted, miniature, radio-controlled boats along the creek’s surface while at the same time documenting the world hidden beneath the water. Each boat in the Armada will be equipped with an underwater camera, allowing participants to record a unique voyage on the creek. Video from underwater explorations will be on view at the project location, giving visitors a chance to virtually immerse themselves in the toxic waters of this Superfund site.

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Here’s what our panelists had to say about Sarah’s application:

“This project encompasses all of the things I think creative work should focus on in today’s society. This is a poetic, generous and interesting way to highlight a social/environmental problem and allow visitors and the community to become a part of the change.”

“The Newtown Creek Armada can impact a dire condition on our local waterways. By educating the public by using an armada of model boats this has a potential for drawing in an audience that is not necessarily conservation based and will educate about a serious problem in an entertaining way.”

“This is a very interesting idea. I think it’s quite admirable that this team is coming together to create a community event that also doubles as a video document to expose the pollution problem in the creek. I also really appreciate that the Armada will be created out of natural elements and artifacts from the creek area itself.”

“This artistic and innovative project achieves scale with a minuscule size and a quick and easy concept to grasp, making it appealing to all types, especially families.”

Thanks to all of this year’s applicants!

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