Level Your Life

Your pen rolls off your desk. Your cholesterol count is too high. Your inbox beckons at bedtime. In almost every corner of your life you are searching for balance.

This year’s Water Dragon embodies balance. Dragons are forceful, stubborn, disruptive, and breathe fire; water flows around obstacles, nourishes growth, and quenches flames. Together, these two symbols harmonize left-brain reason with right-brain creativity.

But if the new year has not yet set you straight, you can easily check your own poise and the grade of your surroundings with this handy device.

Place the level:
– on your desk to find the dipping edge
– on your dinner plate to check for a balanced diet
– on your head to reveal your inner equilibrium

Now fold this mailing back up and set it under the short leg of your desk. Add some kale to your dinner. Do something fun and unpredictable — or responsible and efficient. Whatever it takes to stop that pen from rolling, and to steady your day.

Could this become the Macktez mascot?

We find ourselves particularly drawn to this year’s Water Dragon, since the Macktez Approach has a lot to do with the balance of forethought and flexibility.

Regular office visits from our Team Members set a steady tempo of support for our clients. But there are always unexpected obstacles to work around, for which creative solutions are necessary. Both our left brains and right brains get a full workout during the workweek.

Our own growth and expansion has confirmed the usefulness of that approach. Macktez now has its largest number of Team Members ever, and we’ve been rearranging storage units and assembling new desks to make sure there’s room for everyone on Grand Street.

Systems that regulate our interactions with clients and manage our Team internally have proven to be remarkably effective during this period of transition. (For example, comprehensive Post-visit Reports, written in a consistent style, keep Team Members and clients at any point on the globe abreast of completed tasks and to-do lists.)

But of course we can’t anticipate every contingency, and we’re looking for as much balance as we can find, too. We’ll be using that little level frequently over the coming year to check our progress.