Reaching the Finish Line

What are you trying to create? Not for your boss, not for your client — for yourself. What personal creative project has been patiently simmering, waiting for your full attention?

What do you need to complete it? More focus, clear goals … a little cash? We know that the opportunity to pursue your own goals without distraction is not easy to come by. Macktez would like to do something about that.

Applicants and projects can be anywhere in the world, not just London, New York, or San Francisco.

We can help in two ways. First, we’re doubling our commitment to our Summer Stipend recipient, offering a cool grand this year we to help bring your creative project across the finish line. (Yes, that’s one thousand genuine U.S. clams. Though your project can be anywhere in the world; we’ll get you the equivalent in your local currency.)

Second, we’d like to help even if your proposal doesn’t rise to the top of the pile. At Macktez, we believe that taking small, steady steps toward your goals is the most reliable way to achieve them. We develop tools and methods for our clients (and our own Team) to clear away distractions and focus on the end result.

So if you’ve always found it difficult to harness time and energy for your own personal project, this application itself can help define a schedule, clarify your actions, and focus your attention. If you can make the time, you’ll be closer to finishing your project with or without our cash in hand.

Go through the application below, review your schedule, and follow our suggestions. Then you’ll be well prepared to submit the application by the July 27th deadline.

Summer Stipend Application

The deadline is July 27.

Use this application worksheet to make sure you prepare your proposal thoughtfully and on time.

Let this application help you clarify your needs, focus your attention, and set a schedule.

If our panelists are moved by the originality and relevance of your application, you’ll receive $1000 to help you reach the finish line.

The 2012 Application is closed.

Please check your submission carefully prior to hitting the submit button. This information is sent immediately and you will not have the opportunity to review or edit.

You will be notified by email when finalists are selected, and when our 2012 recipient is named.

Ownership: By submitting material you affirm that you are the sole owner of all materials submitted for the Macktez Summer Stipend including but not limited to text, drawings, diagrams, photographs and video.
Permissions: You hereby grant permission for publication of the submitted material for potential use in press releases, presentations, exhibits, history books and similar publications; as well as for public access for student and educational purposes in all media including the Internet.