Macktez wants to give you $1000. Seriously.

For ten years, the Macktez Summer Stipend has helped our Team engage on a more personal level with some of the creative people we work with every day.

Every summer, we invite clients, friends, and folks we’ve never even heard of to tell us how $1000 will help them carry their personal projects across the finish line. If they meet our three criteria — originality, relevance, conviction — and impress our panel of luminaries, we’ll help them finish a project they care about.

Applications open at in the third week of June. Finalists will be announced toward the end of July, and our recipient will be selected just a few weeks later.

The Summer Stipend application itself is designed with our methodology in mind. It includes a worksheet to help you define a clear schedule, choose deliberate actions, and focus your attention.

If you’d like to get reminders and updates from us as we hit each of the Stipend milestones, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or follow our Tumblr.

You can also review our previous recipients and their projects below.