Congratulations to Sylvia Ryerson, our 2017 Summer Stipend recipient

“Restorative Radio NY: Public Airwaves Through Prison Walls” is a deeply moving project to bridge the physical divide between individuals incarcerated in upstate New York and their families.

Sylvia co-produces “audio postcards” with family members that are broadcast over public airwaves, in order to reach their loved ones in prison as well as a general listening audience. You can read Sylvia’s stipend application here. And much more about this project here.

Our panelists had a lot of good things to say about Sylvia’s project:

This project “aspires to bridge a chasm between the incarcerated and their loved-ones when the conventional visitation isn’t possible due to distance, finances, etc.” and also the chasm “between those within the experience and those outside of it.”

“I was very drawn to the social mission behind this project. I often drive and ride past Upstate prisons and it’s always struck me how remote and inaccessible they are. Letting the prisoners connect more with their families can only be a good thing.”

“Incredible project. I strongly support this. Not only does it share the stories of who is behind the walls, but also of who is left behind. Not only are these stories for those inside, but they’re for all of us since we are all affected/connected.”

If the project interests you, it’s definitely worth listening to some of the previous work Sylvia has done; she has several audio files online here.