Macktez would like to send you an insignificant trifle.

Every year we like to send out a gift to clients and friends around lunar new year, something small and quirky. It’s fun to get something unexpected in the mail.

For this, the year of the metal rat, we started planning just before Thanksgiving and came up with the idea of an embroidered, iron-on patch — the kind that might look good on your old denim jacket. In December, we worked on designs with a former team member and went through a dozen drafts until we landed on something we thought you’d like. We worked with two different vendors to see who could produce it with the right level of detail. And then, right at the beginning of January we sent it out for production.

Now, not surprisingly, custom patch manufacturing happens largely overseas — in China, in fact. And January in China saw an enormous disruption of manufacturing because of a new and highly contagious virus. (Maybe you heard about that?) So the patch was delayed.

We missed our deadline of January 25, the start of lunar new year celebrations.

Then the patch was delayed through February.

And most of March.

By the time the patches finally did arrive, that new virus had disrupted our own office, and probably yours, and, well, basically everything on the planet — we were out the door and headed home.

This is not a normal year in almost any way and we have nothing to say that will change that. What we do have is a distraction, a relic borrowed from a time when we had room for trifles and whimsy.

That is to say, we still have 1200 of these cool iron-on patches, and it’s still the year of the rat. And it’s still fun — maybe more fun than ever? — to get something small and unexpected in the mail. So we still want to send one to you.

Yet here’s another challenge: We know only your work address, but that’s probably not where you are. So if we’ve piqued your interest at all, and you really do like getting small gifts in the mail, please let us know your current mailing address by July 31 and we will send this out in August.

(Also: feel free to share this with colleagues and friends, if you think they’d like this too.)

— The Team at Macktez.

What are we doing with this info? We will delete your mailing address from our records as soon as we send you your patch. If you click “Sure!” below, we will keep only your email address for 2-3 emails per year.

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