Electronics Recycling

E-waste can be dangerous if mishandled, releasing toxins and hazardous chemicals (e.g. mercury, lead, and cadmium) that contaminate its surroundings. That’s why in New York City and many other localities, putting your old electronics out with the regular trash is illegal.

Additionally, disposing of old computers without first erasing the files stored on them may be a security risk for your organization or for you personally, as storage drives can be harvested and the data on them may be viewed and used by bad actors.

There are now many options for responsibly disposing of electronics, including commercial and residential building pick-ups and community drop-off events. Computer manufacturers each have their own programs for free return of equipment for disposal, and consumer electronics stores like Best Buy will accept small numbers of drop-offs each day. But not all these methods will provide certified data erasure. You should be clear about your security needs before letting go of old equipment.

Macktez has partnered for over a decade with 4th Bin for e-waste recycling and certified data destruction. To help clients avoid the high minimums required to schedule a pick-up, we can hold equipment securely until we have a full load to turn over to 4th Bin. Or 4th Bin can ship an empty box to your office to be filled and shipped back for proper disposal.

Let us know if you need help the next time you refresh your fleet of workstations, upgrade your network equipment, or prepare for an office move.