Pay attention. Focus. Don’t get distracted.

Our most successful relationships are with those who take the time to share their vision with us and get to know our approach to solving problems.

When we say technology we don’t mean just wireless keyboards and backup solutions — we mean all the tools you use to carry out your business and go about your life. Some of these things are pretty sexy, some are quite mundane, but the trick is to make sure that the speed at which they operate does not become overwhelming. The top email in your inbox is not the most important, it’s just the most recent. To harness these powerful tools, usually the first thing you need to do is slow down.

Take a deep breath.

Look around.

That’s why Macktez’s process of researching and recommending technology solutions will look a lot like general business consulting. We’ll ask about your long-term goals; we’ll want to know about your professional limitations; we’ll watch how a project makes its way, day by day, through your office.

The Macktez Approach means not letting sudden urgencies distract you. A steady commitment to building and supporting your infrastructure, and planning ahead for big projects instead of waiting for things to break prevents wasted time and money spent putting out preventable fires.

We measure relationships by years, not months. Our goal is to form a lasting partnership between our Team and yours, one where we can anticipate your challenges rather than just react to them. We want to be in the room when you plan your next five years’ growth, and then help guide your choices toward that goal. We want to know when business is rough so that we can help alleviate some pressure. We want to help you define your goals, and, when they shift, help you correct course and move ahead.

What makes Macktez different from other IT firms you have heard of? All our current clients have been referred to us through word of mouth by colleagues and other clients. We don’t advertise, we don’t do free evaluations, we don’t have a flashy web site. We thrive on strong personal connections to our clients, and a level of trust that’s built over time.