Large Pad

Large Pad

Draft a memo, design a new network — label it, tear it off, file it away.

Macktez Paper Products all feature a light lattice background perfect for taking notes and sketching diagrams on the same page. The grid focuses your attention while offering maximum flexibility for your ideas to flourish.

Useful fill-in boxes remind you to label each page by date and client so that your note-taking can be retrieved efficiently.

Our pads have a stiff back so you can use them on your lap. The sheets tear off easily, allowing you to file them, share them, or throw them away. Always have a clean sheet on top, ready for what’s next.

Our theory about paper products is that they should be tools, not objects of art or fetish. Our Large Pad was the first to be designed from that approach: it is simple and useful, and remains an essential part of our collection.

50 sheets
8.5 x 11 inches
glued edge
chipboard back
free shipping