Backup Management (Premium)

Macktez uses a carefully chosen collection of software tools referred to collectively as “Macktez Management” to manage and support our clients’ technology systems.

The following scope is covered in the initial setup of this service:

  • Setup of back-end systems
  • Configuration of automated alerts

The ongoing services and tasks below are included in our regular monthly fee:

  • Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 backups (if elected)
  • User workstation backups (if elected)
  • Dropbox Business backups (if elected)
  • Initial configuration of back-end systems
  • Automatic monitoring and periodic manual verification of backup integrity

Note that the following tasks and scenarios are excluded, and will be billed separately:

  • Fees and expenses associated with recovery of data
  • Hardware failure, malfunction, or replacement (We will assist with the diagnosis, specify replacement system, make purchasing arrangements, and install new system under separate recommendations.)
  • Third party vendor or manufacturer support or incident fees
  • Equipment costs needed to remediate and/or replace any out-of-warranty equipment
  • Spare or replacement parts and equipment, including cables, adapters, and power cords, and replacements for failed parts