A few simple rules keep everything clear.

How we’re organized, how we communicate, and how we invoice says a lot about how we get things done.

Organization & Services

Our Team is made up primarily of Consultants who provide a wide variety of services. Each client is usually assigned two Team Members, and specific tasks are assigned to each one. For example, our Team Members may:
– set up your initial support recommendation;
– assist in creating your I.T. budget;
– research and write proposals for specific projects;
– make regular visits to your office for all non-emergency maintenance;
– schedule software and hardware upgrades;
– monitor your backup solution; and
– diagnose any technological hiccups.

Team Members can also facilitate the less specialized, but no less demanding, aspects of technology’s reach into business: laying new network cables, transporting backup drives, shipping computers, or yelling at an unhelpful vendor. (The yelling is not our favorite part of the job, but when it’s necessary we will do it professionally and efficiently.)

Every interaction with Macktez — network upgrade, regular visit, support call — is recorded in 15-minute increments and billed twice a month. Invoices are itemized by standard and senior billing rates so you will see exactly how much time is being billed, and by whom.


Every client is assigned a client support email address that’s used for all email communication with Macktez; that single address will route to all the key contact people at Macktez and your office. Your assigned Team Members receive every email to that address (so does our Director of Operations). In addition, our contacts at your end receive the same emails. It’s essential to our operations that everyone is kept in the loop, and we’ll hound you and your staff early on to make sure that everyone uses that single support address for all communication.

After every regular visit or support call, a Post-visit or Remote Support Report is written by the appropriate Macktez Team Member and sent to the client support email address. Every issue in the pipeline and each resolved support issue is recorded and reported in detail as soon as possible. Reports are a key tool for tracking progress on support issues and maintaining our relationship with our clients.


We do not promise 24-hour support, though there are ways to reach us in an emergency, and there are exceptions (when a critical device is being installed, for example, we will monitor your systems very closely and be available for emergency service). For the most part, regular visits take care of all your issues. If that means an annoying but non-critical problem has to wait a few days for attention, it also means that your time and budget are respected. Emergency service is disruptive and inefficient (which means expensive for you), and we try to avoid putting that kind of strain on your budget or our Team.

That said, if you do have an emergency, you should just give us a call. You’ll get a call back from a Team Member, and the best course of action will be determined.

A further note about contacting the Team: we don’t give out our cell phone numbers. Our regular visits with clients are focused and productive, and not meant to be interrupted. If an emergency arises, the process outlined above will get the most available Team Members involved in your situation.