Macktez Client Code of Conduct

Macktez seeks to continually provide a welcoming and comfortable environment which ensures trust and respect for all clients, staff, vendors, contractors, and visitors. As part of that commitment, Macktez has established this Client Code of Conduct Policy to detail our expectations.

Expectations of our Clients
All Macktez clients are expected to treat our employees, sub-contractors, and other clients with respect and dignity.

Macktez strictly forbids discrimination or harassment of any kind, whether based on race; color; national origin; religion; creed; sex; gender; age; physical, mental, or developmental disability; marital status; sexual orientation; political ideology; or any other reason.

Harassment may include unsolicited or unwelcome remarks, gestures, or physical contact, as well as the display or circulation of inappropriate or derogatory written materials or pictures.

The following is a list of behaviors that will not be tolerated:
– Physical violence
– Verbal abuse
– Profanity
– Any form of harassment
– Intimidation tactics and/or making threats
– Malicious or harmful statements about others
– Public disclosure of another’s private information

Corrective Action
When a Macktez employee reports that a client has behaved in a way that violates this code of conduct:
– We will communicate with our client and explain where we believe this code of conduct has been violated.
– We will strive to resolve the situation.
– Macktez reserves the right to end our professional relationship in accordance with our Client Agreement.