Tell us something about yourself.

You have a unique character, individual strengths, personal weaknesses, and a very specific professional mission.

That said, let’s talk in generalities for just a minute. Because if you’re like most of our prospective clients, one of the following things has just recently happened:
– The one person in your office who knows something about operating systems is sick of kicking computers into shape and insists you hire someone else to help keep your office humming.
– You just got a big new client and you need a more professional server and backup system pronto.
– You’ve been working with another consultant but you are looking for better support.
– You’ve had a revelation: because your in-house technical staff has their hands full with day-to-day challenges, your long-term goals won’t get accomplished without some outside perspective.

Whatever the proximate cause, you now know that you need advice about big-picture infrastructure and long-term goals. Plus you could probably use a maintenance visit every week. So you’re thinking of hiring Macktez.

Go ahead, give us a call — 646.274.0933. You’ll talk to one of our Consultants (probably Noah), who will get some basic information from you about why you’re calling and what your needs are. Then you’ll get an email with some information about Macktez, a copy of our contract, and suggestion of a date in the next week or two to meet, face to face.

Jump start the process by starting your Homework early.

We try to send two Consultants to that first meeting, if scheduling permits. We’ll get to know each other a little bit more — what are your business goals? what are your technological weaknesses? what do you expect from your computer systems? — so that we can decide whether we want to work with each other.

We don’t do any free evaluations, because we don’t have one-size-fits-all recommendations we can pull off the shelf for you. But we’ll give you options of scale of what to pursue first, so you don’t get yourself locked into a huge project you didn’t expect. And since all our work is billed by the hour, and we require no retainers, you can try us out without much risk.