Core Suite

When holistic improvements to a client’s IT infrastructure, digital security, and user experience are desired, we recommend enrolling in the Macktez Management Core Suite.

While each of the services below can be purchased individually, they have been bundled together to reduce total cost, simplify billing, and provide a comprehensive solution to the myriad of needs in front of the most companies.

Included in Core Suite:

The following is covered in the initial setup of this service:

  • Deployment of all management services listed above

The ongoing services and tasks below are included in the monthly fee:

  • Back-end administration of all services


  • When bundled together, pricing for these service includes a ‘Base’ fee, and is then billed per ‘Identity’.
  • An Identity is any SSO account that has a username and password and may be associated with a particular user, or a service account.
  • A service account is one used for back-end administration and is not associated with a particular person.


    Base License Cost $500/mo
    Per-Identity License Cost $100/mo

Included in Base License:

  • Domain Management License (1 Domain)
  • Network Management License (1 Location)
  • Password Management SCIM Bridge

Included in Per-Identity License:

  • Google and Microsoft Licenses
  • Password Management License
  • Identity Management License
  • Workstation Management License
  • Backup Management License