What is Macktez up to?

You received one of our mailings? You like our square-grid pads of paper? What’s a bunch of fine, upstanding professionals like us doing with all these odd little objects?

How can we think that post-its are better than smart phones? It’s really all part of the Macktez Approach.

Here’s the thing: technology is not about bits that fly through the ether, it’s about objects you hold in your hands and use. It’s always been like that, since the first time a little stone became a flint. And, as precious as your smartphone may be to you today, it’s definitely not the only tool you use. There are still pencils and post-its, irreplaceable and awesome. That’s technology too.

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At Macktez, we celebrate objects all the time. Once a year we do a mailing to our friends and colleagues — not an email blast, but a real, honest-to-goodness, paper-and-envelope-and-stamp, United States Postal Service mailing — and into our little Tyvek envelope we usually fit a fun or useful object we’ve come across that we think you’ll appreciate.

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We also create our own tools that we and our clients use all the time: small notebooks you can keep in your pocket; large pads with gridlines, good for sketching network diagrams; post-its with the same useful grid; even business cards that double as equipment labels. (We build databases, too, but, honestly, there’s no substitute for a good post-it.)

We call it MoYO — the Museum of Yellow Objects. Come visit!

Then there’s our collection of yellow objects, found and purchased and received as gifts over the past dozen or so years. Some we use for work, like hard cases to store equipment and soft bags to carry stuff to our client visits. Some we just like to have around, like the yellow Lego blocks, or the small Japanese eraser shaped like a cat.

If you want to learn more about our annual creative stipend, love our specialty line of notebooks and paper products, read our blog, have been told by a friend about our famous mailings, or heard rumors of the collection of yellow objects, go ahead and browse our What is Macktez? section. It’s full of interesting curiosities.

Look around, and let us know if you see something you like.