The Making of the Macktez Paper Products.

A technology consulting firm make their own paper products? We know, it seems odd that we put so much thought into something as simple as a notebook or a pad of paper, but that’s the sort of company we are. We need our notebooks, and we use them every day, so we think they deserve some consideration.

Our paper products have a lot in common with the way we work here at Macktez. They may look simple, at first glance… but every aspect of each one was intentionally and deliberately planned. A tool isn’t useful if it doesn’t help you, and so we want ours to be as helpful as we can make them, to make our workflow as efficient as possible. That way, when we’re actually out at clients and writing in them, we’re focused on our notes, and not distracted by the thoughts and frustrations that come when things don’t work the way you need.

View the Macktez Yellow Notebooks video on Vimeo. Special thanks to our friends at UnionDocs and Symmetry for all their help.