Domain Management

This service is built on an foundation of thoughtful administration and industry-standard domain and DNS based tools, collectively leveraged to enhance your email and web security and address the need for fortified digital security standards.

We start with ensuring you are set up with a securely hosted and configured domain registrar and Domain Name System (DNS), then configure and enable industry standard tools for email security (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) to minimize the ability of malicious actors to attack your domain while providing email recipients greater confidence that messages from you are authentic. Additionally, periodic phishing tests to everyone on the domain help promote both awareness of risks and educate users.

The following scope is covered in the initial setup of this service:

  • Set up registration migration to Hover.
  • Configure and prepare DNS management at AWS.
  • Set up SPF.
  • Set up DKIM.
  • Set up DMARC (1 domain)
  • Set up DarkWeb monitoring (1 domain).
  • Set up periodic phishing tests for up to 50 users (all users in domain; can’t be a subset)

The ongoing services and tasks below are included in our regular monthly fee:

  • Ongoing DNS management or changes as needed, including coordination with in-house or external web developers.
  • Intermittent monitoring DMARC and adjustments as needed.
  • Monthly DarkWeb monitoring and reporting of alerts to end users.
  • Quarterly users phishing testing.(Only available for Google and M365 mail servers with current tools)

Note that the following tasks and scenarios are excluded, and will be billed separately:

  • Installation of any products on end-user devices.
  • Additional domains.
  • Annual training (CyberSecurity, password generation, compliance). (Available as an additional subscription)
  • For clients with more than 50 identities, an additional $1/user/mo is required.