One of the first things we’ll do when we start to work with you is to collect a complete inventory of your technology assets โ€” hardware, software, install codes, passwords, service providers, etc. However much of that you can collect, as your workload allows, before we first come in is a big help for getting right to work.

The information we suggest you gather:
– Apple System Profiler reports for all the Apple hardware you own.
– Lists of any other hardware (e.g. printers) are helpful too.
– A spreadsheet or list of any software (including install codes and version) you currently own.
– Passwords for each machine (an admin user), email, proxy settings, network certificates, etc.
– Information about your network configurations for users and remote locations. (including IPs addresses or ranges.)

In addition, the following would be prudent to gather for your own benefit, even if you choose to keep this private.
– Annual expenditures for IT staff (or freelancer fees) over the last three years.
– Total annual expenditures (and leases, if any) for equipment.