Initial Asssessment

Before taking on end user support and defining specific projects for a new client, Macktez starts with an audit of their current technology and a review of their workflow to make sure we have enough information to successfully support the business and make appropriate recommendations.

Startup Fee: $3000

Scope of work for this project:

  • Verify or create records of key assets (hardware, software, personnel).
  • Verify credentials (domain ownership, admin access to online services, admin access to workstations and servers).
  • Review all on-premises and cloud-based services (file sharing, database, directory, communications).
  • Review existing network topology documentation.
  • Review existing security policies.
  • Review existing backup policies.
  • Review existing IT budget.
  • Identify and prioritize pain points, frustrations, and ongoing needs.
  • Create appropriate initial recommendations.

We typically complete this initial assessment within four weeks, though how quickly we proceed depends on the condition of your existing equipment, the state of your documentation, and availability of your key staff. Additionally, we may need to address urgent problems that prevent your staff from working or indicate a security gap in your infrastructure, which could prolong the audit.

We require your help in the following ways to complete this assessment:

  • Availability of key staff for 2-3 meetings and an on-site office visit (if appropriate).
  • Timely production of asset lists and credentials.