Installation Assistant

We are looking for a competent and reliable Technician to join our Special Projects Team as an installer. An ideal candidate is available to work 20-40 hours a week performing a changing mixture of pulling and terminating Cat 6 and other low voltage cable, mounting speakers, cameras, displays, and other security and audio visual equipment, installing networking equipment in racks.


– Assist experienced technicians running low voltage cable according to best practices.
– Install equipment including speakers, displays, access points, switches.
– Strong attention to detail, and white-gliove finishes.
– Ability to lift, squat, climb ladders, work above head, lift/maneuver up to 100lbs, stand/walk for a full day.
– Diagnose and resolve simple technical issues.
– Update the team on progress of projects and complete them in a timely fashion.
– Write and send daily reports quickly and clearly, keeping detailed records of time and services rendered.
– Help cultivate a rapport with clients and other Team Members.
– Knowledge of other Team Members’ expertise and skills, to hand off assignments to them.

General Skills:

– Timeliness and reliable attendance.
– Desire to expand knowledge base and skills through on-site training.
– Ability to manage expectations of members of your group.
– Ability to work well with others, follow instructions, and work with supervision.
– Complete projects accurately and in a timely manner.
– Ability to stay composed when faced with unexpected challenges.
– Work as part of a small team.

Technical Skills:

– Basic understanding of installation of Cat 6 data networks is helpful. (organizing, forming, dressing and labeling cables to industry standards as well as installing data jacks, patch panels)
– Understanding of applicable safety and requirements (OSHA30, fire stop, etc)
– Ability to read and understand construction drawings.
– Experience with installation of mounting systems (displays, conferencing systems, speakers, racks, strut, frames, and brackets on gypsum, plywood, concrete, brick, etc.)
– Familiarity with tools and equipment (crimpers, toner, screw driver, drill, console cable, punch down tools, push poles, digital multimeter, label maker, etc.)
– Capacity to work in unusual and sometimes difficult spaces, positions, and circumstances (on ladders, around HVAC ducts, in or around crawl spaces, at or above ceilings, etc.)
– A basic practical understanding of TCP/IP networking concepts and technologies (e.g. DNS, TCP/UDP, DHCP, Subnets, Multicast, VLANs) is helpful, but not necessary
– A basic practical understanding of LAN/WAN networks (firewall and switch configuration, routing, IPSec, SSL, NAT/PAT, Fiber Optics) is helpful, but not necessary.