Team Member (Base Role)

All roles in the Macktez Team share a common set of base skills and responsibilities.

Skills and Qualifications for all Team Members:
– Demonstrate excellent communication and documentation skills.
– Cultivate a rapport with clients and other Team Members.
– Write and send daily reports quickly and clearly, keeping detailed records of time and services rendered.
– Contribute to the creation of clear, accurate, and informative shared process documentation.
– Maintain accurate records of internal and client assets and information in our shared systems.
– Demonstrate attention to detail and ability to focus effectively.
– Show interest in problem solving and continuously learning new things.
– Stay on task and work independently, as well as come together collaboratively to work on with a group.
– Show flexibility, including effective handling of concurrent priorities.
– Demonstrate effective time and task management.
– Plan ahead and manage expectations of clients and members of your group or Team.
– Recognize when help is needed, and issues need to be assigned to or handed off to another more experienced member of their group or team.

Useful but not required for all roles:
– Ability to diagnose and resolve fundamental technical issues (at a level appropriate to your experience)
– Curiosity and interest in technology and using it effectively
– Enthusiasm to continually expand your technical knowledge and skill sets, taking on projects with perpetually increasing complexity.

Additionally, familiarity with these is important:
– Troubleshooting systems Including software, hardware, computer operating systems, mobile devices, networks, phones, and printers (iOS, macOS, and Windows, etc.)
– Experience authoring and updating technical documentation

Lastly, we use these tools extensively, but if you do not have experience with them but do have a technical aptitude, we will train you:
– Google Workplace (Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Gmail, Calendar)
– FreshService (Ticketing)
– Filemaker database