For some reason, we have a real craving to send you a small tin of hand cream.

Or a pencil. Or a tape measure. Or a couple of Aspirin. Or …

Because we spend much of our days researching the ephemera of technology (paperless office! cloud computing!), we like to set aside time to connect with the people we know in some tangible way too.

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Once a year, Macktez sends to friends and colleagues a piece of actual mail — you know, with an envelope and a stamp — and we include a tool or trinket you might like. (In the summer we fund a creative project with our annual Summer Stipend.)

For the sake of historical preservation, all of those mailings also have a life online. You can explore below to get an idea of what we mail out. But until you sign up for our mailings you won’t really know what it’s like to open a small envelope and have a flat piece of cheese slip into your hands.

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