Memo Notebook

A funny thing happened at a Team meeting not so long ago. We were talking about tools (as we d0). And it turned out that a number of Team Members felt strongly that our standard large pad was too big, and our pocket yellow notebooks were too small. So we cut a few things up and tried some different sizes and found that a half sheet of paper naturally did the trick. Since everyone liked those yellow covers, the Macktez memo notebook was born.

Memo Notebook

The perfect companion for meetings, strolls, and downtime on the subway.

Macktez Paper Products all feature a light lattice background perfect for taking notes and sketching diagrams on the same page. The grid focuses your attention while offering maximum flexibility for your ideas to flourish.

Useful fill-in boxes remind you to label each page by date and client so that your note-taking can be retrieved efficiently.

The yellow cover makes this notebook easily discovered inside your bag or on your messy desk. (Not that your desk is messy, naturally.) No logo or other markings are printed on the outside.

Our theory about paper products is that they should be tools, not objects of art or fetish. Our Memo Notebook was designed from that approach: it is simple and useful.

40 sheets
5.5 x 8.5 inches
perfect bound
free shipping