It’s a big decision. You should know a little bit about us first.

After all, this is only going to work if we’re completely open and honest.

The Macktez Approach

Read more about the Macktez Approach, where you’ll learn that the first step toward effective support is slowing down.

Our process of  researching and recommending technology solutions will look a lot like general business consulting. We’ll ask about your long-term goals; we’ll want to know about your professional limitations; we’ll watch how a project makes its way, day by day, through your office.

We measure our client relationships in years, not months. To that end, we will focus your attention on setting and keeping annual technology budgets that stabilize your current needs and help your business grow. Regular office visits by one of our Consultants set a steady tempo for upgrades and troubleshooting, reduce the need for firefighting, and methodically build a relationship between our Team and yours.

The Basics

The Basics aren’t complicated, but there’s a little more to them.

Each client is assigned at least two Team Members who will manage long-term planning and perform regular visits for hands-on maintenance. All work is billed at an hourly rate, in 15-minute increments. One of our first priorities is to make sure every new client has a technology budget, so that we can tailor our time and our proposals, and your expectations, to budgetary limits.

Communication is a high priority. Yeah, everyone says this, but we’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time establishing effective systems and building the tools to maintain them. Each client is assigned an individual client support email address, and all the key players from both sides of the relationship are copied on every single message sent between you and Macktez. Every interaction — network upgrade, regular visit, support call — is followed by a detailed Report that lists what tasks were accomplished and what tasks still need to be completed. This means that our to-do lists are completely transparent, and there are no surprises on invoices.

We do not provide 24-hour emergency support: our regular visits minimize emergencies. We aim to do all maintenance during scheduled visits, the most cost-effective and productive way to support your technology and respect your budget. At the same time, we are reachable several different ways, depending on the urgency of the matter.

New Client Process

There’s lots more information about the start-up process for new clients, even some homework. Take a look.

Here’s usually how it works: Someone you know and respect will recommend us. You’ll give us a call and talk to one of our Consultants, who will collect some basic information from you. You’ll get a follow-up email, with a copy of our contract and a suggestion for a couple dates in the next week or two to meet.

You’ll meet us. We’ll talk about who we are and how we do things; you’ll tell us what you do and what you need. If you like us, you’ll sign the contract and we’ll get right to business. If you’re not sure, you’ll ask some more of your colleagues and find out we’re super reliable. You can easily just give us a try, since there are no long-term contracts or commitments to get us started.

Who We Are

Get a head start with our suggested Team directory.

Well, some of us, anyway:

Noah Landow is our Founder and President. His experience in architecture, design, networks, user interfaces, and databases provides a foundation for organizing projects and building collaborative teams. He keeps his head on straight by training in an obscure form of aikijujutsu.

Michael Horst is our Vice President. He somehow reconciles his background in molecular biochemistry and biophysics with his experience in OS X and Windows network installation and administration. The result is a suite of impressive troubleshooting techniques on projects ranging from financial planning to sea kayaking.

Who We Work With

See if you recognize any names from our client list.

Graphic design, architecture, interiors, creative studios — the typically small size and creative focus of these studios are a great match for our approach. Many of our Team Members studied and have worked in design, so not only do we understand the design process, we use its methodology to guide our projects.

We also consult with much larger creative firms in advertising, branding, and publishing, where we may integrate our Team and approach with in-house technicians.

Other clients include professionals in the film and music industry, a natural and creative offshoot from the studios where we first worked. Through our association with architects, we have also picked up some private residences. Mostly through personal connections, a number of non-profits have found their way to us.

Macktez generally accepts new clients only through referrals from other clients or colleagues. Not only are long-term relationships more fulfilling personally, but we find it’s also the best way to do our job.