It’s a big decision. You should know a little bit about us first.

After all, this is only going to work if we’re completely open and honest.

At Macktez We Build Trust.

We are engaged to identify, define, and solve business challenges with technology.
We earn trust by offering good advice and delivering reliable service.
We use trust to transform our clients from customers to lasting partners.

New Client Process

Here’s usually how it works: Reach out and get connected with someone on our Team, who will coordinate with you to schedule a call, so we can learn a little about your needs and goals, and tell you a bit about us.

You’ll meet us. We’ll talk about who we are and how we do things; you’ll tell us what you do and what you need. We’ll send you some documents to review, including a list of relevant Management Services, our Client Agreement, and the scope and cost of an Initial Assessment.

If you like us, sign the contract and we’ll get right to work. It’s easy to give us a try, since there are no long-term contracts or commitments to get us started.

Who We Work With

Take a look at our MakerBot and Little Island case studies.

We work with innovative companies in a wide range of industries, especially those going through periods of growth or change. We’ve worked closely with a Manhattan park and watched it grow from the ground up from a few people to a full-fledged NYC institution, offering our expertise in numerous areas from construction consulting, to design and implementation, to low voltage cabling, to ongoing management and support of installed technology systems. Similarly, we have helped rebuild and overhaul IT departments at large-scale clients to pave the way for full time IT staff to step in, including full reconfiguration of network and server stacks.

Graphic design, architecture, interiors, creative studios are also a great match for our approach. A number of our Team Members studied and have worked in design, so not only do we understand the design process, we use its methodology to guide our projects. We also consult with much larger creative firms in advertising, branding, and publishing, where we may integrate our Team and approach with in-house technicians.

Other clients include professionals in the film and music industry, a natural and creative offshoot from the studios where we first worked. Through our association with architects, we have also picked up some private residences. Mostly through personal connections, a number of non-profits have found their way to us, as well.