Macktez CA: Cutting through the fog.

East or west coast (it don’t matter) — either way it’s all good (it don’t matter).

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California has been a long-time Macktez outpost, a natural extension of our New York-based clients. Luckily the transition is a smooth one — we use the same same Approach, Reports, and yes, even little yellow notebooks on the west coast as on the east.

Over the years, Macktez has developed an approach to working with clients and managing our Team internally that focuses on long-term goals, sensible solutions, and thorough communication. The Macktez Approach means anticipating challenges instead of putting out preventable fires, and not letting sudden urgencies distract you from your core mission.

Our Consultants will research, recommend, and specify individualized solutions for your business. Our Team Members have experience with a vast number of hardware and software configurations, and are learning new ones all the time. We enjoy the process of deeply exploring our clients’ business needs and getting to know the personality of each office we visit. We look forward to unraveling new technical problems, reading up on new solutions, and finding the right way to communicate and implement our recommendations.

Read more about our local Team Members, Nicole, Jumar, and Dominic.

Our California clients are served both by local Team Members and Consultants in our main office who carefully monitor the progress of Macktez projects anywhere on the planet.