Special Projects Assistant

This role is responsible for the daily physical coverage of the office, serving as the first point of contact for deliveries, emergencies, and coordination among the Team and groups for anything involving physical items in the office.


– Must be physically in the office full time (five days per week).
– Handle ongoing management, sorting, and tracking of equipment in inventory and for disposal, including items being prepared for storage or reuse.
– Follow and help maintain all required health and safety protocols for the office. (Accountable for the physical office, including everything from doing dishes and changing light bulbs, to restocking bathrooms.)
– Manage ethical disposal of waste, especially e-waste, ensuring no data is leaked or improperly leaves our control.
– Manage office equipment, including workbench and Team computers, repurposing when possible.
– Maintain inventory of a variety of stocked items for projects, including purchasing, organizing, and distributing
– Supervise the workbench, trays, and deployment shelf areas, assigning tasks to others as needed to keep them organized and accessible.
– Check the office mailbox, sort mail on request, and scan checks for deposits, working with Accounts Receivable to ensure deposits are made daily.
– Order and restock office supplies.
– Assist Operations Team in maintaining paper files.


In addition to the Skills and Requirements that we expect of all Team Members, this role also requires:
– Moving boxes and equipment on shelves, and storing and organizing shelving.