Special Projects Manager

This role is responsible for the ongoing oversight and tracking of special projects, serving as the lead for larger projects and supporting the Strategists or Consultants in managing complex or multi-projects. Once assigned to a project, the Project Manager is responsible for successful and on-budget delivery of the agreed-upon scope.


– Review, follow, and update special project schedules as requested.
– Set up equipment for Special Projects to test and allow for remote configuration.
– Place large scale and special hardware orders for approved projects and equipment.
– Research and recommend hardware solutions based on available inventory.
– Proactively recognize and respond to shipping delays, and other roadblocks that could impede upcoming projects, and communicate those issues to Team Members.
– Create long- and short-term plans, including setting milestones, deadlines and allocating resources.
– Identify Team Members best positioned to complete specific tasks, request their involvement, and monitor those tasks to completion.
– Identify potential risks and liabilities for multiple projects and call those to the attention of clients and context experts for resolution.
– Assist in the translation of project scopes into actionable plans.
– When presented with multiple options for how to move a project forward, make effective decisions.
– Serve as a point of contact for groups and Team Members to ensure Team efforts are efficient and effective.
– Communicate proactively with Strategists and clients to ensure projects stay on track
– Adjust schedules and targets on the project as needed, updating project plans and communicating these changes and their implications to those affected.
– Motivate people involved in the project to complete tasks on time, and complete documentation.


In addition to the Skills and Requirements that we expect of all Team Members, this role also requires:
– Calm under pressure and ability to prioritize intelligently when presented with contradictory requests
from clients and team members.
– Knowledge of various project management methodologies (including the Working Yellow we use internally)
– Experience handling stressful or high pressure scenarios directly and effectively.
– Ability to manage risk when evaluating conflicting courses of action.