Template Production

Creating Microsoft Word templates to designers’ specifications — for good-looking memos and faxes, for example, that match a company’s visual identity — is a niche task that we’ve gotten pretty good at.

In order to help make the production of templates a smooth and convenient process, we have drawn up some guidelines and questions for you. Please review the document and provide as much information as you can at the outset. Also, please note:

– We usually need at least two weeks once we have the final version of a design in order to produce a first draft of the template.
– We prefer to do this work for you, our client, and let you bill our invoices through to your client. If you wish us to bill the end-client directly, allow an additional 2-3 weeks for them to go through our new client selection process (Also note that we do not accept all prospective clients.)
– Hourly estimates are based on our regualr Standard and Senior rates.

What we will need from you

– Please provide complete spec sheet for each template, including a marked up sample with type family/size/style/leading and all margins.
– If the second (and subsequent) pages look different, make sure we have a layout for those as well.

    Required questions

    Additional Questions

    Please check your information carefully prior to hitting the submit button. This information is sent immediately and you will not have the opportunity to review or edit.