Business Phone Services Now Require Registration For Text Messaging

If you are using a mobile app for your business phone service (like RingCentral, Zoom, or Dialpad), you might be used to using SMS text messaging to connect with your contacts. But now, due to new regulations, SMS through business phone services will be restricted until your organization is approved to send business-related SMS.

What’s really going on?

As you are probably aware just from looking at your personal cell phone, mobile service carriers are being inundated with more and more SMS messages from businesses. In order to gain some measure of accountability over the use of SMS by businesses, mobile carriers are now requiring all business SMS users to register with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to ensure compliance. These requirements apply to all businesses sending and/or receiving SMS from or to standard 10-digit phone numbers.

Zoom has already begun to disable SMS for non-compliant senders. RingCentral has started sending notices that they will be tripling the cost for unregistered SMS delivery.

For all of our clients who use SMS with their business phones, registration is a requirement. If you’re using Zoom, Ring Central, or any other Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system with SMS capabilities, your organization needs to register as a “brand” with TCR, and register at least one “campaign” associated with your organization’s individual phone numbers.

What should you do?

If this change affects you, reach out to Macktez today to discuss next steps and minimize the impact this will have on your workflow.

If your business uses VoIP service with physical desk phones rather than mobile apps, you won’t notice any changes to your service because you weren’t taking advantage of SMS service to begin with. We still recommend that you go through the registration process in case you switch to mobile phones in the future and want to take advantage of SMS.