Workstation Management

Workstation Management provides a core set of tools on end user computers that facilitates remote access, software patching, antivirus and malware protection as well as asset management, inventory, and documentation. Additionally, they permit enforcement of standard security policies such as screen lock, and local encryption. To keep this cost as low as possible, support is billed hourly and only as needed.

The following scope is covered in the initial setup of this service:

  • Install and configure agents on user machines to enable automatic data collection and reporting.
  • Configure automated alerts on supported devices.
  • Assign team to actively monitor and manage your fleet.
  • Configure processes for automated alerting data.

The ongoing services and tasks below are included in our regular monthly fee:

  • Remote access to all machines for support (for end-users on request).
  • Remote software patching (security and incremental OS only).
  • Managed antivirus and malware protection.
  • Improved asset management, inventory, and documentation.
  • Remote lock and wipe (macOS only).
  • Security policy (screen lock, encryption).

Note that the following tasks and scenarios are excluded, and will be billed separately:

  • Remote and onsite support for users.
  • Installation of major release OS software upgrades. (Smaller security and incremental updates are included.)
  • Special projects.
  • Third party application management and support.
  • Hardware failure, malfunction, or replacement. (We will assist with the diagnosis, specify replacement system, make purchasing arrangements, and install new system under separate recommendations.)
  • Issues created by the alteration or modification of equipment other than that authorized by Macktez, including hardware or software installations, or modifications of equipment. (This includes restoration of mistakenly deleted files.)
  • Non-support related requests such as user training, job training, and application training.
  • Third party vendor or manufacturer support or incident fees.
  • Equipment costs needed to remediate and/or replace any out-of-warranty equipment.
  • Spare or replacement parts and equipment, including cables, adapters, and power cords, and replacements for failed parts.
  • All shipping, courier, and logistics charges. (These will be passed through with a markup if a Macktez account is used.)
  • Fees and expenses associated with recovery of data.
  • The cost for and support of out-of-warranty, custom, or third party software applications.
  • Removal of viruses, malware, or ransomware that have infected computer systems.
  • Support performed outside of business hours will be best effort and billable at the client’s hourly rate.