Workstation Management

In order to optimize support for our clients, Macktez recommends utilizing a bundled suite of software tools across all workstations (referred to collectively as “Macktez Management”) to enable remote access, reporting, compliance, antivirus, and malware protection.

Purchasing all of the software services needed to do this on your own is prohibitively expensive, but by pooling and bundling these across our clients, we’re able to offer them at drastically lower costs.

What’s included (MacOS or Windows):
– Remote access to all machines for support (for end-users on request)
– Remote software patching (security and incremental OS only)
– Managed antivirus and malware protection (Windows only)
– Improved asset management, inventory, and documentation
– Remote lock and wipe (macOS only)
– Security policy (screen lock, encryption)

Workstation Management $25/machine/month
For Workstation Management use the tools listed above in conjunction with an hourly support agreement. Invoices will be issued every other week for fees incurred in the prior period. Any special projects will be broken out into individual recommendations and billed separately.

– Install and configure an agent on user machines to enable automatic data collection and reporting.
– Configure automated alerts on supported devices.
– Assign team to actively monitor and manage your network.
– Configure processes for automated alerting data.