Macktez has a talented, educated, and experienced Team.

Michael Horst is our Vice President. He somehow reconciles his background in molecular biochemistry and biophysics with his experience in Mac and Windows network installation and administration. The result is a suite of impressive troubleshooting techniques on projects ranging from financial planning to sea kayaking.  |  646.274.0930

Noah Landow is our Founder & President. His experience in architecture, print and interactive design, network design and installation, and database development provide a foundation for organizing projects and building collaborative teams. He keeps his head on straight by training in a seriously obscure form of aikijujutsu and by serving on the boards of compelling non-profits like UnionDocs.  |  646.274.0931

Jeremy Sherber sports a resume comprised of nonlinear professional assignments: graphic designer, FileMaker Developer, playwright, communications strategist, and political campaign manager. His facility for untangling complications into step-by-step actions binds his past roles together and guides his everyday problem-solving routines. As our Senior Consultant for workflow design, Jeremy is just as likely to recommend an employment policy or a good book as he is a software solution while steering clients toward their goals.  |  646.274.0938

Nate Smith grew up snacking on the Apple IIe, but really developed a taste for Macs when he began using them to create his own music and films. He first joined the Macktez Team in the mid-00s after a stint in the publishing and production worlds and returned to us after a few years touring the world with his band Shy Child. He is now one of our Directors, and continues to insist he is just as happy working on a portable computer as he is disassembling one.  |  646.274.0939

Andy Close fell in love with computers started at age ten when he first laid hands on a Sinclair ZX80. A native Englishman, Andy has now lived in the United States for fifteen years and comes to the Macktez Team as one of our resident Microsoft Windows gurus after years of experience in the broadcast media industry, though he first cut his teeth on Unix Mainframes in the service of Her Majesty. Andy has done a little bit of everything over the years, from working as a crab fisherman to harvesting vegetables, to competing as a contestant on The Weakest Link. (He came in third place.) These days “home” is the Lower East Side, where he lives with his girlfriend and their cat, Plumbus, and Andy keeps himself involved in his community by helping to run a theme camp at Burning Man every year, and raising money for Make A Wish America using his Star Wars Fandom Alter-Ego, Smooth Imperial.   |  646.583.7823

Ariel David was born and raised in Uruguay and has been a NYC transplant for more than twenty years. His curiosity for computers first started when he was in middle school where he learned his first BASIC programming skills on an Apple IIe. He furthered his knowledge with Commodore’s home computers and, later on, partnered with some friends to set up a small shop selling and repairing Commodore Amigas and PCs in the early ’90s. He has a degree in Computer Science and over fifteen years of IT Consulting experience. Outside of work, Ariel is an avid traveler and has visited over sixty countries. He also enjoys skydiving, running, and practicing yoga and meditation.   |  646.274.0935

Daryn Swanson, after completing a Master’s Degree in English Literature, naturally found that a career in Technology was the next step. He hit the streets of New York, Ti-Book in hand, and worked as a freelance consultant for 12 years before succumbing to the siren call of Macktez. When he’s not in front of his trusty MacBook Pro, Daryn builds bicycles out of spare parts and tempts fate by riding through the busy streets of Manhattan.  |  646.274.0937

Erik Smith knew he loved to tinker as a child when he received his first Radio Shack 150-in-1 Electronics kit. And whenever his IBM field engineer of a dad would bring home chunks of mainframe detritus to rip into, it was like a new toy every time. By the early 90s, instead of using his Mac IIci to do his clerical assistant work, he’d tinker with it, leading him to the life of a professional tinkerer. He also collects, sells, and repairs vintage tin toy robots (on the side with is partner) and builds unique lighting sculptures made from up-cycled industrial artifacts.  |  646.274.0943

Jay Weinstein is a Senior Consultant and our resident FileMaker Developer, with fifteen years of experience developing workflows for all sorts of diverse operations including (but not limited to) the management of music industry assets, design studio projects, and, non-profit memberships, as well as integrating FileMaker with clients’ websites and online publications. When he’s not weaving his way through a labyrinth of databases, you might find Jay absorbed in an urban fantasy novel or experimental novella, photographing the local flora, biking all over Brooklyn and upper Manhattan, or attending a concert and dancing all night long. No average technical consultant, Jay brings his own creative temperament to bear against the stubborn. And against technical difficulties too.  |  646.274.0928

Mark Weills was born and bred in the Buckeye State of Ohio, a lifelong Mac user with a degree in broadcast production. A freelance art director and graphic designer for 10 years, Mark crossed over into technology while working in television and film production; tired of waiting for others to troubleshoot problems, he learned how to take matters into his own hands. Mark has a passion for live music and a penchant for film photography, snow skiing with his family, skateboards, and the history of punk rock. Because he loves to live dangerously, he does New York Times crossword puzzle daily — in pen.  |  646.274.0934

Reilly Scull is a natural thinker and tinkerer, and grew up taking apart every gadget he could get his hands on just so he could put them all back together again. These days he’s sporting a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, but has been exploring the ins and outs of Macs since he had baby teeth and has always enjoyed using his skills to save less tech-savvy friends and colleagues from their computer woes. Born and raised in lower Manhattan, when Reilly’s not in front of a keyboard, he’s sure to be found exploring the city he loves by land and sea, racing sailboats on the Hudson and cycling the streets on his super-fast road bike.  |  646.274.0941

Scott Battaglia has a degree in Organ Performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music and on the weekends you can find him in a choir loft playing an eclectic mix of music. Many years of practice and discipline went into using every limb to create a variety of consonance and dissonance, and he applies the same dedication to understanding non-music technologies. Over the years he has taken on roles such as programmer, network architect, conductor, volunteer EMT, actor, tenor, and quite a few others. He loves the wonder and playful exploration needed to integrate widely varied systems and services.  |  646.274.0926

Sharif Berkeley joins the Team with a B.S. in CGI Engineering and a Masters in Information Systems. Naturally inquisitive, as a kid he drove his parents crazy by taking the household electronics apart just to see what made them work. By the age of fourteen he built his first computer from scratch, and felt as thrilled as a lottery winner when he successfully powered it on. His career has consisted of Cisco technology sales, technology consultancy for the Department of Education, IT management, and systems programming for the City of New York. In his spare time you can find him tinkering in his home lab, experimenting with 3D animation, building websites, playing pool with his local league, and shooting oceanographic photography on his travels.  |  646.274.0942

Stefan Brown comes to us via his hometown in Long Island as a cabling technician, but he has worked in a multitude of fields including the automotive industry, supply chain management, education, sales, entertainment, and even therapeutic medicine. A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, Stefan prides himself on his abilities to quickly learn and master new techniques of all kinds — and his knack for skillful precision shows through in his wide array of hobbies, which include urban landscape photography, and the design and production of men’s accessories like wallets and briefcases.  |  917.809.9819

Tyler Morris grew up in Dallas, TX where he got his start in technology as a teenager, disassembling old Dells and eMachines and putting them back together again to see how they ticked. He now joins the Macktez Team with him a background working with Managed Service Providers and ample experience managing technology in a wide array of office environments. After hours Tyler likes to exercise his creative side as writer and filmmaker (of both comedy and horror), as well as devote time and energy to do activist work for causes he believes in. In his down time, there’s a good chance you’ll find him out at Citi Field for a Mets game when the season is right, though the Texas Rangers will always remain his first love.  |  646.274.0940

Mike Gutmakher is the Project Manager for our M Net division. His background is diverse, ranging from social work to professional sound recording. These experiences, coupled with a technical degree in sound design and production, have given Mike the skills and know-how he needs to manage the wide variety of complex cabling and wiring projects that our M Net division undertakes, as well as the many people involved. When Mike’s not here helping to keep the Team’s projects running smoothly and on schedule, he’s probably indulging in his love of music, searching to discover his newest favorite band, or writing songs with his son, Aiden.  |  917.336.2493

Jamie Stewart hails from Flatbush, Brooklyn and comes to Macktez with a diverse array of skills and experience. From work as an electronics technician, to graphic design, to IT desk support, to home renovations and even horse packing, he has done it all, and brings most of these skills (aside from the horse packing, usually) to his work with the M Net Team, running cable and building out office spaces here in the city. When he’s not crimping, punching down or running wires, you can find him fly-fishing at Breezy Point or smoking some short ribs at home with his family.  |  646.791.9960

Michael Micale is a Queens native who comes to the M Net Team with a varied assortment of skills from his background in technical theater. Working for years behind the scenes as a stage hand has given Micale the ability to roll with the punches and help his Team come up with creative solutions when a plan encounters unexpected changes. Micale enjoys crafting, and hones his creative skills with woodworking and clockwork-oriented projects. When he’s not getting his hands dirty in the woodshed you might find him live-streaming on a variety of subjects, ranging from online gaming, to cooking, to music.  |  646.760.2927

Christina Patrick is our People and Operations Coordinator. She first fell in love with NYC while performing in an off-Broadway production, enrolling in a music conservatory for performance immediately after and making the city her permanent home. As an artist, Christina has an eye for detail and beauty. Her genuine interest in people and different cultures has given her experience in a variety of exciting industries such as music, film, hospitality, events, fashion, and of course IT. During the past two years she has deepened her yoga practices and followed her passion for travel, visiting Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand. Christina’s experience, organizational skills, and the ability to manage her many responsibilities, along with her friendly attitude and warm personality, make us glad to have her on the Team.  |  646.274.0936

Lauren Steinmeyer is originally from St. Louis, MO and grew up in a very creative, pro-tech household. Her passion for learning and writing is what drives her through the day, and she now brings those skills, along with a keen eye for for organization, to the Macktez Team as an Operations Assistant. When she’s not at work, she can be found curled up with a good book and her two cats, or filming and writing for various films and creative projects.  |  646.274.0944

Sara Kelly is the Partners’ Executive Assistant. Years of studying, performing, and teaching classical music and opera have left Sara with a Master’s degree, a passion for the arts, a fluency in French, an affinity for precision and detail, and the ability to calmly handle sudden, unforeseen, and peculiar circumstances with a sense of humor and aplomb. She brings those skills to bear working as Noah and Michael’s right-hand woman on a wide range of Macktez projects. Continued study and performance in music and dance keep Sara on her toes, both literally and figuratively, and help her maintain her focus and calm.  |  646.274.0929

Jumar Osby Habtemariam (Los Angeles) began his path in the US Armed Forces, running a team of elite Army soldiers on Intel missions via a mobile command center. After completing his service, he studied Economics and Chemistry, and then began working at Apple as a certified technician. His resilience for problem solving has drawn him towards IT Consulting on numerous projects in LA, Chicago, NYC, and now back in LA. Jumar’s penchant for travel and his love of film making and music give him the perfect creative outlets to balance his analytical and technical mind. His Zen-like patience allows him to calmly navigate the most tempestuous storms, often without breaking a sweat.

Nicole Bongard (San Francisco) is a Parsons School of Design-trained and accomplished award-winning graphic designer. She combines her experience in design excellence with the skills she acquired training employees in Apple Stores, to assist others in the pursuit of usable technology. In addition to raising her daughter Riley, performing vocals with her band, and sinking balls in the corner pocket down at the local pool hall, she helped to get the national APA league started in SF, playing with one of the first teams in the city.

Lee Corless (London) brings a degree in History to Macktez. He has worked in IT for over two decades in various diverse roles including support, database and web development, technical training and project management. During much of the nineties, he was the IT Consultant for The Law Society of England — Overseeing and coordinating the UK legal professions’ “colourful” transition into the digital age. Lee lives with his wife and five year old daughter in Oxford and commutes to London on a daily or weekly basis. In his occasional moments of spare time, he is a musician, cineaste, soccer fan, gadgeteer, and motorcyclist.

Pete Curtner (Chicago) brings over twenty years’ experience in advertising, graphic design, print production and photography as a creative technology expert, working for organizations as diverse as Ogilvy & Mather, Apple, IBM, and Martha Stewart Living, none of which ever helped him settle the question of whether he was actually a geeky designer or a designer geek. After working for Macktez in New York in 2004, he has recently returned home to handle Macktez business in Chicago. During the summer months you can usually find him racing sailboats on Lake Michigan.