Macktez slows down, focuses, and plans first.

We work with creative companies to manage their internal technology, in many ways like an internal IT department, except we approach the technology as a user interface problem and focus heavily on communication, documentation, and helping the staff to help themselves.

We take responsibility for managing all sorts of disparate technologies for our clients. To do so, we evaluate each situation individually, take personal responsibility, identify problems, and plan realistic solutions. Then we take action.

We work with our clients to identify the right technology tools and services for them, then we research, recommend, and specify individualized solutions.

We’re hired to help a wide range of clients solve technology challenges ranging from basic support and staff training, to networking and server solutions, to selecting, configuring, and managing the outsourced services that run most of today’s modern companies. Our M Net Team is also trained for small- and large-scale low-voltage wiring projects, for your office expansion or new build-out.

Over our twenty years, we have continuously improved and evolved a working methodology we call The Macktez Approach. This focuses on excellent written and in-person communication; stepping back and looking far enough ahead to ensure we’re on the right path; breaking large challenges down into smaller, more manageable ones; and slowing down and doing one thing at a time, and doing it well.

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