At Macktez we build trust.

Macktez measures relationships by years — even decades. Our goal is to form a lasting partnership between our team and yours, where we can anticipate your technology challenges and not just react to them.

Our most successful relationships are with clients who take the time to share their vision with us and get to know our approach to solving problems. We want to be in the room with you when you plan your next five years’ growth, and then help guide your technology strategy toward that goal.

We prioritize a steady commitment to building and supporting your infrastructure. We’ll help you plan ahead instead of waiting for things to break.

We design solutions that address the root cause of an issue, not just the symptoms. Our project plans are clearly defined to identify and communicate goals, and to mitigate obstacles to success. Our consultants and technicians deliver consistently effective service, and will work with you to streamline common processes and reduce the time to resolve all incidents.

We help ensure that your technology solutions will support your organization’s most important goals — tier one support and staff training; networking and storage solutions; workstation and identity management; security, domain, and backup management; low-voltage wiring and physical installations; and more.