A Conversation is not a Meeting

Applications for the Macktez Summer Stipend — our annual development grant of $1,000 — are now being accepted. For more than a dozen years Macktez has been encouraging the creative people we work with to pursue and complete the personal projects that may languish without a helpful push.

Applications are due July 20.

If you’re working with someone else on your summer project, or even if you are just asking a friend to review your application (as we suggest in our step-by-step application plan), then you’ll be having meetings.

We’ve all been in bad meetings, which can frustrate creative momentum and strain professional relationships. But if you follow a few simple rules, you can have meetings that are productive and worthwhile:

– A meeting needs an agenda, or at least an explicit purpose, that everyone knows ahead of time. What are you there to decide, what do you need to accomplish together?
– Turn conversation into action items as soon as possible. Take responsibility. Prioritize action over discussion.
– Meetings yield actionable tasks. Those tasks should be assigned so that everyone knows who’s doing what. Pick deadlines for each one.
– Set a date right away for the next meeting you need to have.
– Someone needs to take notes and share those notes afterward.
– Aim to wrap up 5 minutes early. And if you’re done early, end the meeting early.

A meeting always moves a project forward. If a meeting ends but no actionable tasks were assigned, then it wasn’t a meeting. It was a conversation. Now, good conversations should be a part of work — tossing ideas around, debriefing, decompressing, goofing around — but don’t mistake a good conversation for a good meeting.

Summer Stipend 2019

So if you are working on a personal project, and you think $1,000 would help you cross the finish line, we want to hear about it.

We evaluate applications on three simple criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction. One Stipend recipient will be selected from our all-star panel.

Again, the deadline is July 20.

Please check your submission carefully prior to hitting the submit button. This information is sent immediately and you will not have the opportunity to review or edit.

You will be notified by email when finalists are selected, and when this year's recipient is named.

Ownership: By submitting material you affirm that you are the sole owner of all materials submitted for the Macktez Summer Stipend including but not limited to text, drawings, diagrams, photographs and video.
Permissions: You hereby grant permission for publication of the submitted material for potential use in press releases, presentations, exhibits, history books and similar publications; as well as for public access for student and educational purposes in all media including the Internet.

The Macktez Summer Stipend is a development grant to encourage one of the many imaginative people we meet and work with every day to finish their summer project. We evaluate applications on three simple criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction.

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